Based on the services I offer to the gifted community with Waves & Currents, my role as founder and chair of the Gifted! Foundation and my scientific background, I am supporting the Delphi study on gifted adults as a panel member. This is a multidisciplinary study connecting global experts. Most studies on gifted people have focused on children, but gifted adults are understudied.

As a member of the expert panel I will discuss and seek to answer two related questions:

  1. What is needed to develop research that increases our understanding of gifted adults?
  2. How should research efforts be directed in the next 5 years?

International exchange of views

This study aims to substantially contribute to the development of a research framework for studying gifted adults. This includes identifying and shedding light on current methodological problems and preferences, generating solutions and new ideas, and establishing priorities and actions for future research globally. It is anticipated that a consensus on some issues will be reached and that it will be established how views differ among experts. The study is led by a research team based at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Dr. Alice K. Burridge